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Using Improv to Redefine Education

Join us for another week of Common Sense’s weekly video series, where we’ll sit for short discussions with educators from all over the country to learn how they’re coping with school closures, putting together distance learning plans, and addressing some of the challenges that come with teaching remotely.

When you think of improv, you probably imagine a comedian going off script rather than an educator sitting in front of a laptop. Although the use of humor to spark learning can be difficult for some educators to grasp, the need for us to alleviate students’ stress during online learning is not. Join Jordan Elizabeth, improv actor and New York education trainer for Girls Leadership, as she shares practical tips you can incorporate into your lesson plans. The interactive chat will also include physical activities and mindfulness exercises to try with your students.

Check out last week’s discussions on our YouTube channel now. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notified when future recordings are up!