Online Courses

About Online Courses

As K-12 students went online for learning in 2020, so did their teachers. In 2020 and 2021, the Houston Learning Network was proud to continue our commitment to Houston-area teachers who pursued professional development opportunities, even in this extraordinarily difficult year for teaching and learning.

With the support of the Houston Learning Network, more than 20 Houston-area educators recently participated in several micropracticums at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, including Let's Play: Teaching Strategies for Playful Learning; The Power of Making Thinking Visible; Cultures of Thinking in Action; and the Project Zero Sparks Conference.

Previously, HLN also sponsored Houston-area teachers' participation in Project Zero Online Courses. These research-based, months-long engagements are grounded in day-to-day teaching and leadership practice — you can apply what you learn, as you learn. Educators may apply solo or in small teams, and they work with peers facing similar challenges and take away real-world solutions, inspiration, and the support of an engaged community. Each course promotes active, team-based learning that supports collaboration and sharing in schools and districts. 

About the Houston Learning Network Fellowship

Since 2012, the Houston Learning Network (formerly the H2H Initiative) has offered financial support to teachers and administrators who participated in transformative professional development experiences. Since that time, we have supported more than 150 teachers as they traveled -- often to Cambridge, Massachusetts -- and studied how they might bring innovative teaching practices back home to Houston.

Many past fellowship recipients participated in the week-long Project Zero Classroom (PZC). PZC features research-based tools and frameworks that enable teachers to reflect on their teaching and develop approaches to instruction and assessment that deepen learning and understanding for all of your students.  Participants explore ways to enhance student engagement, encourage learners to think critically and creatively, and make learning and thinking visible.